Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Planning Permission

Yesterday we had a letter from the council about the planning permission to replace the empty showroom across the way with seventeen new houses, it says that if we have any objections or comments we should get in touch. I don't think we'll be making any objections, the faster this get's underway the better. Thankfully we've not had any problems for the last few days, nether the less, we can't wait to see the bulldozers move in.

Toddy is much more chilled this week, sometimes he's scared of his own shadow, but now there's more room on the sofa, he keeps coming to say hello, doing his endearing silent meow. Misty is the same as ever, nothing phases top cat, strolling about the place looking cool, suave and sophisticated, until that is, Toddy comes flying from nowhere and knocks him off his feet before running off to hide. Lucy's back to her old ways, hiding chew sticks everywhere and keeping watch, ready to spring into action if one of the cats gets too close to one of her secret stashes. Zippy, well, he's just as noisy as ever, especially at the weekend when he's awake before us, it always makes us chuckle listening to him whistling to himself while we're deciding whether to get out of bed.


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