Sunday, August 29, 2004

Say Hello To Eric

Friday night we got home settled down with a traditional whisky and coke while we watched Final Destination on DVD.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for a quick shopping trip into town for a few bits. While I would have been content walking into each shop, picking up what we wanted, paying for it and walking out, Debbie was looking at anything and everything while we walked round and I was nervously looking at the time. I knew we needed to be away from town by 10.30am to get to Thornberry in time to be first in the queue.

Despite my clock watching we still managed to get some breakfast in Asda before we left for the animal sanctuary.

When we arrived, some of the kittens had already been taken including the one Debbie had picked out two weeks ago, however, his Brother was still there and had the same beautiful markings. We both looked at the other kittens there but really it was no contest and we decided to take Eric home with us.

Eric is just eight weeks old and tiny compared to Misty and Toddy and we were a little concerned about how the rest of the zoo would take to him. Misty hasn’t gone near him much at all, but he is a bit jealous and has been coming to us for a love which is usually reserved for meal times. Toddy has been a bit braver and has been up to Eric to say hello a few times but runs off as soon as Eric moved towards him. Lucy is obsessed with Eric and won’t leave him alone for a second although she has chilled a little today and she’ll be back to her nutty self in a few days.

After taking a few hours to settle in to his new home, Eric managed to get out of the big cat’s litter tray which is great as won’t need to go and get s smaller one. He’s also been able to get to the top of the cat tower and down again under his own steam and goes right to the top to get out of Lucy’s way for a bit of peace and a sleep.

Eric was up an about this morning when we got up this morning before nodding off again and has been asleep for the last few hours. It’s early days but I think he’s going to be more like Toddy than Misty, he loves loads of attention and his cute little face means he’s getting plenty.


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