Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's In A Name?

Ever since Debbie called our new puppy Lollypop, I've not been all that comfortable shouting his name across the field, so given that we've been calling him Lolly for short, I've decided that I'm now going to start calling him Wally. The two names sounds so alike, I doubt he'd know the difference, indeed, if I was Jonathan Ross, there would be no difference!

Whatever we call him (not always Lolly or Wally), he's still going from strength to strength and the house training is almost complete which isn't bad considering he's not even four months old. Socks are disappearing at an astonishing rate, we seem to loose a tea towel every week and we're on our third pair of slippers. Thank heavens puppies spend so much time sleeping!


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