Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's All In The Spelling

Since starting her new job Debbie's been shown the ropes by the lady who is leaving to have a baby, in fact Debbie's taking on this job and another, doing both purchase ledger and credit control. Anyway, this lady is leaving today and yesterday, Debbie called me to let me know we had to go out last night and buy something pink for her, she knew where to get something and asked me to check what time they closed.

So, off I went to trusty old Google, which I often use as quick spell checker with the handy 'did you mean' response to an incorrect spelling. However, on this occasion it didn't work, I typed in the shops name, 'Au Naturel' and despite numerous attempts, all I could find was a vast selection of nudist beaches! It turns out that I should have typed 'Au Naturale' and I would have been presented with a home interiors shop rather than a list of places to get your kit off in public.

After all that, when I rang they said they closed at 6pm on Wednesday so it wasn't any good to us anyway. Instead we headed off to Asda where we found what Debbie was looking for and then decided to get some tea in store which turned out to be a bad choice. During the day the food here is pretty good for the money but late afternoon into evening everything looks like it's been sitting on display for three hours. Debbie asked for sausage, chips & gravy but when he served it up, he put bacon on instead of gravy then took it back off again, the chips looked disgusting and the gravy was really thin with huge lumps in it. We told him not to bother and we walked out, if we wanted food like that we'd have gone to a service station!


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