Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Missed Out

While off work yesterday I got the call we were dreading from the estate agent, our dream house has been sold, the chappy had waited as long as he could and having had a cash offer this weekend decided to sell. Hey ho, there are plenty of other houses out there but we won't be going looking at any until we get an offer on ours, which going by the last few weeks, could be some time.

To take our minds of everything going pear shaped over the weekend, we watched Animal Park - Wild In Africa, The Zoo and Amazon Abyss, all of which are on again tonight, top banana! We've enjoyed watching the usual Animal Park over the years at Longleat, it looks like a good day out there, however, seven hours driving would be a bit too much for a day out. We are hoping to visit some new animal parks this year that are just a little bit closer to home.


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