Monday, April 25, 2005

The Price of 20:20 Vision

We went to my Grandma's, Sister's, Daughter's, Daughter's engagement party on Saturday night, held at Sheffield Hallam University, a nice place but does have three drawbacks. Firstly, it's in Sheffield and it took fourteen laps round the one way system to find a route to the car park. Secondly, they have no draught beer, must be a student thing, my brother did demonstrate downing a bacardi breezer in one with the aid of a straw which you can't really do with a pint. Thirdly, it's a no smoking building so we were among the constant stream of people nipping outside for a puff in the cold night air and ended up having to buy a big issue. Still, we had a great night out and the pork butties were lovely.

With Debbie feeling slightly worse for wear, we made it to Adsa in time for a big breakfast before going to have our eyes tested. My eyes have got very slightly worse, not warranting a changes of glasses but the ones I've got now are ready for retirement. Debbie's eyes are the same but the optician suggested she wear them more often, when asked if more often meant all the time, the optician replied yes, so why not just say wear them all the time. Anyway, we picked out a couple of funky frames, added on the cost of the lenses, the react to light coating, the anti-glare coating and sat down for the bill. We headed off nearly four hundred quid worse off!

We had to dash off to make an appointment to view a house which is just in the next village to ours, a quiet place out of the way which is what we are really after. The house was lovely, needed a little bit of work but we were taken with the generous sized garden and conservatory. The house was quite a few feet higher than the road so the view from the living room and bedroom windows was just fields. It was very nice but we weren't very enthusiastic about it, probably because we've been here before and can't do anything until we've got an offer on ours, which should be back on the market in the next day to two.

Back at ranch we were back on the net looking for more houses but with so many quite local but in areas we don't really know, we've decided to narrow the search down to four villages, all a stones throw from here. We've now got details of houses coming through the post, by email and by text message so if the house of our dreams does come on the market, we won't miss it.


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