Friday, April 15, 2005

Our Snotty Former Estate Agent

We had a letter through the post yesterday from our former estate agent, acknowledging that our house had been taken off the market but also warning us not nut put the house on the market with any other estate agent. I thought this might be coming given how unhelpful and snotty they've been with us but I did have to laugh where it goes on about them wanting their share if we were to sell to any of their leads and listed the one person they've sent in five weeks lmao!

So, where do we go from here, after all it is they who suggested taking the house off the market rather than try and be helpfull, they refused point blank to meet us even in their own office to discuss our concerns. If they had shown any kind of professionalism we would still be on the market with them now. We'll have to consider our options over the weekend but with our holiday coming up soon plus the general election, which I'm sure is holding back the housing market, we might actually be better waiting a few weeks.

Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom, Debbie had a great day yesterday at work with everyone sporting something pink for her colleagues last day. Arriving home, she had two hair band thingys in, not sure what the proper name is for them but one was pink and one was lilac, very fetching and I had to grab the camera If I ask nicely, she might let me post one of them here

The week is almost over, it's crrrrrunchie time and despite everything, we've still got that Friday feeling!



joss said...

Seems to me you would have grounds to report this prat of an estate agent to his/her regulating body, giving full details of the way you have been treated. Smile, the worlds on your side :)

ladybird_67 said...

For some reason I never hear the kind of real estate horror stories here in Canada that I vividly remember from when I was living back home in dear ol' Blighty. Words like "Gazzumping" are a complete foreign language here. I'd be inclined to check out what right they have to put such restrictions on you, after all, it's your house!