Thursday, April 21, 2005

Changing Rooms

I think we did quite well last night, after tea, despite feeling like doing absolutely nothing we did get the bedroom changed round and got all the bits and pieces we keep accumulating stored away upstairs. Debbie did have a flipper though, just because I'd gone to move the wardrobe and backed into the bookshelf, bringing the whole lot crashing down with books and cd's thrown all over the place! We got there in the end though and the room looks much bigger without all the clutter. As for the top bedroom, well, we'll just have to promote that as a walk-in wardrobe come storeroom with a bed in the middle

We've noticed the trailers on TV recently for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, neither of us ever watched the TV series but it does look like a good laugh this one and we both love anything with Bill Nighy in it. Will we find the time to go and see it on the big screen though? Who knows, usually, by the time we've found a free time slot to go and see a film, it's already out on DVD!


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A Touch of Style said...

Selling your house is just so much fun isn't it. We are on day 11 and I'm exhausted.

I'm hoping that we can at least see our house sometime soon. They have the road blocked to the entrance of the development, but we really need to know that it has at least been started.

And just when I think that everything is done, I think of something else that needs doing.

Shirley... who knows your pain ;)