Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Surprise Visit

We were really looking forward to doing nothing last night but fate was against us, the pet cupboard was bare, only enough food for the dogs and the cats had to make do with biscuits. Misty gave me that look, the one that says, "this has been noted, I am not impressed". So off we went to get some shopping in and also called in at the takeaway for a burger as there was no chance of cooking tea, we simply couldn't be arsed!

Getting home, we spotted Dad and my Brother outside our house about to post the phone charger they'd borrowed, I pipped the horn to get there attention and we all went inside. Dad wanted to go on the computer to get some retirement figures which we duly found and printed out for him. After a beer and a natter they went off home and left us to warm up our burger and chips, which aren't usually any good from the microwave but on this occasion were still pretty tasty.

I'd managed to set up a viewing of the house we saw yesterday and thought nothing of the fact that it took the lady all afternoon to get back to me with a time to go round. When we checked our phone last night, we were quite surprised to have a message waiting for us that went along the lines of, "Hello, this is the lady from the estate agent, we've got a couple that want to come and view your house, could you please give me a call back". Awww bless, the lady at the estate agent had rung us instead of the vendor!


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