Saturday, April 02, 2005


Hello Campers!

Last nite we went to KFC for our tea as a treat and now I wish we would not have bothered.

Paulie has been up all nite being sick and this morning he has a rash all round his eyes and head and feels propper iffy.

Ive rang the emergency doctors and he has told me to this stuff called direclect (Debbie rushes to the chemist) that puts all your natural salts etc back into your body, he is not allowed anything to eat till he stops being sick for a certain lenght of time, we have ring the doctors if he gets worse.

We have not managed to get to the hairdressers or the estate agents, so that one is going to have to wait till next weekend.....

Not sure I like this Nurse thing, Im not very good with people being sick, I normally end up joining

Lets hope he is feeling better by tonite.....

Till next time!!


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