Monday, April 11, 2005

The Best Showman In The World

Well, another weekend has flashed by yet again. On Saturday we'd arranged to go and see the estate agents, however, when we got there we found that they didn't open on Saturdays, funny how they never mentioned this when I spoke to them last week, I get the distinct impression these people are taking the proverbial! So instead we headed over to their other office which we knew was open on Saturdays, only when we got there, the only person available was a young chap on his first day who could only offer to get someone to calls us on Monday. Not very good really so I'll be on the war path later today!

We didn't fair any better in the Grand National either, we had six horses including the ones in the sweep stake and the nearest we got was Clan Royal who when in the lead got pushed into the rails by two loose horses, sheesh!

At least the evenings entertainment was as good as promised, especially Queenmania, a bunch of stars covering several classic Queen tracks. They kept referring to the performance at Live Aid, really hyping it up as the best performance in the world ever, now it's twenty years since we watched it live, was it really that good? We got the Live Aid DVD set for Christmas so on Sunday afternoon we popped it on and two hours in, on strutted Freddie Mercury in all his glory. Transfixed right through to the end of their set, the only verdict we could come to was that all the hype was well deserved, the crowd went 'gaga' while Freddie gave it all showing us just what it takes to be the best showman in the world.


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