Thursday, April 28, 2005

Make Me an Offer

We went off to see another house last night and I get the feeling that Debbie thought that this was the one before we even set foot inside. It's got everything we want including a decent sized dining room and a large beautiful garden so the cats would be able go out and sample some fresh air and the dogs would be able to tire themselves out racing up and down.

Back home, over a nice glass of wine, we decided that despite saying we wouldn't try to put an offer on any house that we go to see until we've got one on ours, on this occasion I think we'd be daft not to. Even if we do end up loosing out, at least we'll know we did everything we could to get our hands on it.

A new 'for sale' sign was nailed to the side of our house yesterday and we got an automatic email alert from our estate agent with a new house that has just come on the market that we might be interested in ...... ours! Lmao! At least we know it's now listed on the net


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