Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Feed Me, Feed Me!

The 'for sale' sign was still lurking outside our house when I got home last night, it's probably going to be another few days before they get around to taking it down, given that it took them nearly a week to put it up. We can't really do anything else until that's gone, the last thing we need right now is for the old estate agent to get fruity and send us a bill because we've gone with someone else.

Hey ho, at least we don't have to think about the sale of the house for a few days and we can just get home, relax and enjoy not having anything to do.... Well, we could if Lollypop understood the concept, as soon as we're through the door, he goes mental because he wants feeding, when he's been fed he wants to go out and when he comes back in he's bouncing around the place like Zebedee on speed.

It's not until after we've had our tea that things gradually calm down, with Lucy stuck like a limpet on the sofa and Lolly flopped next to her, completely exhausted, just like us!


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