Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What! No Free Pen!

Here we go again, this time election fever comes to the UK as the date is set for Thursday 5 May 2005. We're not big on politics but we do vote because if you don't, you've no right to complain about the monkeys running our country.

While reading the BBC bulletin I noticed links to the main contenders and looking at the different sites, all the parties seem to be after donations almost as much as your vote, so I thought I'd compare the costs of joining up for a year.

Liberal Democrats £5.00
Conservatives £15.00
UK Independence £20.00
Labour £24.00
Green Party £31.00

All the camps seem to be offering little more than a membership card and a news letter, no mention of a free pen or t-shirt anywhere, not even a roll of those sticky on badges that appear on your clothes from nowhere if you try venturing out during election time.


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