Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I Can See a Rainbow

Hello Campers!!

The weather here today has been shocking with rain and wind coming right in and making it feel alot colder.

Work is going better than I ever thought possible and the travelling is taking half the time of me other job and Im going twice as far!

Today while I sneaked out for a ciggie I captured a piccie of me being wind swepted away on me mobile so I could text it to Paulie.

When I got home we needed to nip to the Co-op for some margerine and of course our favourites at the min Muller Yogurts...mmmmmmm.....yummmie....

Of course it was raining again but this time there was the most beautiful rainbow, not having me camera to hand I have managed to get a piccie on me phone and to be honest its come out really good.

See ya soon


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