Wednesday, April 20, 2005

All Hands To The Pump Again

We went to view a house yesterday in the same village, it was lovely but only about the same size as we have now and with garages being rented on a separate piece of land we don't think it's the one for us. We'll keep on looking while we wait to get ours back on the market again.

With the first valuation fella coming out on Saturday morning, it's all hands to the pump again after a very short break from keeping the place in show house condition. It amazes me how so much stuff accumulates everywhere in such a short space of time, especially in the kitchen. I think it's time we sorted out the kitchen cupboards, they're all full to bursting with even more stuff piled on top. The one under the sink is the worst, fourteen different brands of kitchen cleaner, all half empty

Tonight we'll be putting new curtains up in the bedroom to match the ones in the living room, then we're going to change the whole bedroom around, moving absolutely everything, all under supervision of Lucy & Lolly, who'll be making sure that anything that falls on the floor is scattered evenly around the house!


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