Monday, August 01, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

We've done it! We are finally in our new home but it's been one hell of an exhausting weekend......

On Friday, we picked up the van at 8am and with the help of Dad and my Brother, we managed to get the first load ready to go by noon. Then we waited for the call from the estate agents to say the money was through and we could pick up the keys. We didn't get the call until 2pm and we knew we would be up against it for the rest of the day. Still, we battled on, getting the keys from the estate agent, going back for the van, driving down to the new house and spent about two hours unloading.

We were just about to start with the second load at about 5pm and we got a call from our estate agent, out buyers we're wanting their keys. I would have understood if they hadn't dragged their feet the whole way and tried to get the move date changed to mid August. Anyway, I told them they would just have to wait as we we're still clearing the house. After a few phone calls they settled for meeting us outside the house to pick up the keys at 6pm. We weren't very happy but at that stage there wasn't much else we could do. So with not much time left we just hoofed everything on the van that we wanted and had to leave loads of rubbish behind for our buyers to sort out.

We got half way through getting the second load off the van but at 7pm we downed tools, not having eaten or sat down since breakfast we just couldn't go on any longer so it was fish 'n' chips all round and a couple of glasses of champagne to wash it down. After Dad had hobbled off home, we dragged a few boxes upstairs to make some space in the living room and kitchen. After catching the tail end of Big Brother we staggered upstairs and collapsed on the mattress.

On Saturday morning every bone and muscle was hurting like mad but we still had to soldier on. We got the rest of the stuff off the van and any room that we created in the house the night before was eaten up again with more boxes. Then it was off to the tip to get rid off the rubbish, then off to take the van back followed by an urgent shopping spree. We came out of Argos loaded up with a new kettle, toaster, microwave, dvd cabinet....etc. We also ordered a bedroom suite as we haven't got anywhere to hang any clothes yet and that should be here on Saturday. After dropping off all the new stuff at home we were off again to the supermarket for supplies for the fridge, which has had to go in the out-house as it won't fit in the kitchen.

It was early evening before we got back so after putting all the food away, we popped down the road for a kebab! After that we were back on with clearing boxes from the kitchen, then the living room and finally the dining room. Exhausted by 10pm we both collapsed upstairs again.

We were up bright and early on Sunday and got the kitchen stuff unpacked then set up a few of the things we'd bought on Saturday. Debbie made us both a couple of burgers at lunchtime before I disappeared into the garden to set up the table and chairs. I was just getting the bubble wrap of the last chair when Debbie's Sister and family arrived to see the new house. Just as they left Debbie's Brother and family arrived, closely followed by friends who we had invited round not knowing anyone else was coming. They called in at friends nearby for a while and came back later for champagne and strawberries as promised.

It was almost midnight when we finally got to bed last night and having not stopped since Thursday evening we are both completely exhausted and back at flippin' work!

We didn't get chance for a sit down over the weekend let alone find the camera's but we'll get loads of photos posted soon, in the mean time, here's a photo of Lucy and Lolly chilling out in our new garden.



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