Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wandering Around The Garden

A few more jobs done last night, the upstairs telly is almost sorted, I need to nip out today and get a new aerial cable got get freeview back on. I'm not sure what the jobs are tonight, I'm sure I'll be issued with instructions when I get home lol. Anyway, here's a few more photos I took this morning wandering round with the mobile.


Toddy ready to answer the telephone lol.


Misty basking in the early morning sunshine and Eric wanting to know what I'm up to.


While much of the garden is covered with pebbles, which we'll sort out later, we've got loads of beautiful flowers in the borders.


This bush has got loads of flowers and even more buds ready to flower, we've no idea what it is yet but we love it.


This is one of the sheds at the top of the garden, there is an identical one opposite. We're going to kit this one out for the cats and fit a cat flap so that they'll have somewhere to hang out during the day when we finaly start letting them outside.


And finaly, this is Snowbabies Cottage viewed from half way up the garden, while I was taking this, Debbie was waving and shouting to me through the kitchen window. I found a few moments later she had hit her head with a plate....... don't ask!