Friday, August 05, 2005

A Week Passes By

It does seem to have dragged on this week with us itching to get some more jobs done this weekend and enjoy some peace and quiet in the garden, ooo and maybe a drink or too! Misty, Toddy and Eric are really settled now, they're enjoying having free roam of the dining room and the stairs during the day and we leave the bedroom door open at night so it's a free for all come bed time but everyone settles down eventually lol.

With the cats being confined to the indoors back at the old house and haven't really experienced the outside, we're going try letting them outside tomorrow tea time. It's going to be a nervous time for us all, but so long as they don't have too much breakfast they should be hungry enough to come back in at the slightest sound of a cat bowl being moved. Lucy and Lolly will have to witness the event from the living room as Eric can be a bit skittish and the last thing we want is Lolly chasing him all the way up the garden.


I wonder if Toddy knows and is thinking about what tomorrow will bring?



Mandy said...

Our cats are indoor cats too, though the older one does seem to have escaping down to a fine art. She always returns though around tea time. The other two are still too innocent and daft to be anywhere near a road, especially the little one (she's mah baby even though she's two) :)

Sarah said...

My cat is an indoor girl as she is a maine coon breeding queen. She has a run outside though although shes not too keen on going out now lol.