Friday, August 19, 2005

Fun Packed Weekend On The Way

We've got loads to do this weekend, I'm not sure how we're going to fit it all in and we'll probably be ready for another weekend by Sunday evening lol.

We've got another BBQ to organise tomorrow, at least this time the weather looks favourable and we won't have as many people to run about after. Debbie's getting her hair cut tomorrow, all this hot weather is taking it's toll, even mine needs cutting, half an inch is just too long lol. Dad's coming round for Sunday dinner and to help us chop down the tree. We'll have a new bird table to put up which will hopefully get some custom over the autumn and winter months.

The best thing of all will be going to get our new aquarium, Debbie love's tropical fish and can spend hours looking round any aquarium centre. We've had to wait until now to get a fish tank of our own because we didn't have enough space before. We need one with a sturdy base and surround to keep the three amigos at bay and we don't won't an over exited Lolly knocking anything over.

It's years since either of us has kept tropical fish, I wonder if things have changed, any technological advances in filterization and the like? I used to use and old credit card to scrape the inside of the glass lol. We've already got an idea of the fish we would like, a large shoal of neons, a few guppies, glowlites, a couple of small angel fish and some sucky things that clean the glass instead of me! Just a short list to start with, although I'm sure the list will grow longer by the minute when we get there lol.



Just Sue said...

Just a thought - although I am no expert - we used to have a lovely big fish tank with similar fish. We had to get rid of the Angel fish however. They grow in proportion to the size of their tank and eat the smaller fish. We ended up with a large tank with 2 rather large Angel fish inside...and not a lot else! Have fun and have a fabulous time picking out all the new fish!

Jennifer said...

Friend of mine had a problem with the angle fish too, kept eating all the neons. I have neon tetra's and I love them. LMAO on the credit card thing. Yes I can definately advise you to get either a snail, or an algae sponge to wipe it :) what size of tank are you getting?

Snowbabies said...

We've not quite got room for a 4ft tank, so we'll be getting a 3ft one or a bit bigger if we can. I think we're going to leave the angels for now with us wanting guppys and neons :-)

Jennifer said...

Wow 3ft.. You're going all out! :) I have a 10 Gallon tank :)

Anonymous said...

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