Thursday, August 04, 2005

Missing Broadband

It's been a bit of a pain this week not having broadband, we could be changing addresses for loads of stuff on-line but we've got to wait until Monday before we're free to surf once again. The computer has been set up, although the telephone extension cable is hiding in the bedroom in one of the boxes, that will have to wait until the weekend after we've got our bedroom suite set up and have fewer boxes to search through lol.

Debbie took loads of photos last night but running on auto pilot, I deleted them from the card once they'd been uploaded to the computer or I could have posted some today. Never mind, we'll be able to post as many photos as we like from Monday, although if it's as easy to get the internet connection set up as it was last time, there may well be a few phone calls to BT support!

Lolly hurt his leg this morning, he's just a big ball of energy waiting to explode and he's always speeding around not really thinking about how he's going to stop when he reaches a dead end lol. By the time we left for work he was jumping about like a nutter again though :-)

One of the new house rules is that Lucy and Lolly are not allowed on the sofa anymore, neither are the cats, but they don't do rules lol. Surprisingly Lolly, who in the old house bounded from the chair to the sofa and back again, has stopped doing it completely! Lucy on the other hand, who pretends to be much better behaved, is the sly one and is on the sofa as soon as our back's turned. Asking her to get down is futile, she just give you 'that' look and she ends up staying put, she's a cheeky mare alright!



Mandy said...

Cats and sofa's definately don't go well together, especially when they're leather.. *sigh*

HNB said...

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