Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Building In The Rain

Things didn't go exactly to plan yesterday, we were supposed to be setting up the bench and picnic table last night but half way through putting the bench seat together the heavens opened. There we were, nuts and bolts everywhere with Debbie myself and the bench hiding under a parasol lol. Worse still, the beers we had on the go were getting watered down!


The rain did eventually stop and we managed to get it finished but it wasn't long before the rain was back so we abandoned the picnic table as that will also need varnishing.

The Three Amigos were out with us, at least they were when it wasn't raining, as soon as a few spots started to fall they all flew back inside. It's the first time they've experienced rain, apart from chasing the drops on the window.


Eric still stays quite close, being the youngest he's still wary of anything strange and at the moment everything is new for him. He does love it outside though, of the three of them, he's the one screaming the loudest to be let out at tea time.

We got BT Yahoo Broadband back yesterday and at no extra charge they've upgraded us from 512KB to 1MB, although when we connect, it does say connected at 2MB but don't tell anyone!


1 comment:

christa said...

That's rather typical around here, istn't it? That the sky opens up when you've planned to do something special

Looks nice though :)

And I won't tell anyone about your broadband speed...hehe...BT will find out sooner or later...they always do ;)