Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Settling In

After a very long day at work yesterday Debbie got tea on the go while I put the bed together, it's no fun being woken up at 5.30am with three cats and two dogs bouncing about on the bed! We got the bed finished after tea and moved the two sets of drawers leaving the spare bedroom looking quite respectable. The main bedroom is still a bomb site though, we've still got to order our pine bed for in there, we might do that this weekend.

I ordered a new fridge freezer last night which may take up to a month to arrive but hopefully will be with us in the next week or two so we don't have to keep nipping across to the out house.

Eric is feeling more at home, after keeping out of the way for the last few days, he was purring away last night and wanting attention. We'll need to start thinking about how we introduce them to the outside world soon, Misty and Toddy can't wait to go exploring. We'll have to read up on how best to do it, if anyone has any tips please let us know, we're going to be really nervous letting them out after loosing Toddy for several hours when we tired last time.

Tonight's little jobs will be to get a catch put on the bathroom door because it doesn't stay shut and the cats keep tossing the soap in the bath. I'll also get the upstairs telly sorted out, there is a lead there for the outside aerial and I need to plug in the freeview box too.

Here's a photo of the garden this morning taken on the mobile, the table and chairs are hiding under the green cover which seems to be twice a big as we needed ..lol..


This is the left side of the garden where there is a path that goes right up to the sheds at the top, we've got some trimmers to cut back the foliage so we don't get slapped by wayward branches every time we walk up there ..lol..



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Mandy said...

In at last congrats! Now for the house warming party :)