Monday, August 15, 2005

Lovely British Weather

Things weren't looking too good on Saturday morning, we we're out shopping for BBQ stuff until midday and it rained the whole time. With the fridge loaded with fresh meat and a pile of beer to drool over, we set about putting up the gazebo. The rain wasn't for stopping and we both got thoroughly soaked while we struggled with the cover in the blustery wind. Ringing wet through, I then set of to pick up Dad and little Brother, the sky looked like it might be clearing and by the time I got to Dad's there was even a hint of sunshine. Sadly, Grandma wasn't going to be able to make it so my Aunt and Uncle will bring her over as soon as she's feeling up to it.

Just as we set of back home the rain started again and kept on going until about 3.30pm which just about gave me enough time to put the BBQ together and get it lit. The rain stayed away for the rest of the day and the event was a roaring successes with the music playing and the drinks flowing. However, after running round like blue arsed flies from dawn till dusk, we'll not be doing anything on that scale again in hurry! We've got a few friends coming round for a BBQ next Saturday but it should a little bit more manageable this time lol.

On Sunday, we we're undecided on whether to go and order our new bed and do some other shopping or stay indoors and do nothing. Not being able to shake off the hangover, doing nothing seemed like the best option! After snoozing all afternoon, we got all the left over meat on the grill at tea time and had a lovely early evening munching and drinking champagne in the garden.

We've still got the wardrobes and drawers to set up, we'll try and get those done this week and then sometime over the weekend we're off shopping for a fish tank which we'll get set up straight away ready for us to go and get some tropical fish the weekend after.


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