Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Great Outdoors

Our bedroom suite arrived as promised on Saturday morning, the wardrobes are really heavy and they're going to have to be unpacked and taken upstairs in pieces. I got the two bed side tables together over the weekend and they look great. The afternoon saw us out shopping again for more 'stuff', we got some great wooden lamps for the bedroom and living room and picked up a BBQ which was a real bargain with the shops now clearing out summer stuff ready for Christmas.

When it came towards tea time, the time had come to bite the bullet and let Misty, Toddy and Eric outside for the first time. Misty and Toddy trotted up the garden to explore, while Eric poked his head through the window, climbed out and then climbed straight back in again lol. After half an hour we got them all safely back inside ready to try again on Sunday.

We invited Dad round for dinner on Sunday afternoon after squeezing in more shopping during the morning. With the glorious weather we set about cutting back one of the bushes / trees, whatever it was, it was bigger than we thought and the space next to the greenhouse is piled high with branches lol. Debbies Sunday dinner went down a treat, washed down with a few alcoholic beverages in the garden.

We let the cats roam free all afternoon, eventually curiosity got the better of Eric and he ventured out for the first time while Toddy tested his tree climbing skills and Misty hung around in case there was any food going. Again, it was a doddle getting them back inside and we're now starting to relax a little when one of them goes out of sight for more than a couple of minutes.

Last night after work we weren't going to let them out so gave them their tea, however with the kitchen window open slightly on lock, Eric was going daft trying to get outside, it's always the quiet ones lol. We decided to let them out given that it would still be light for a few hours. Every so often we could see Eric pouncing across the top of the garden while Toddy was content pacing round and taking in all the sights and smells. Misty vanished soon after we let them out which didn't bother us too much as he hasn't been going far so as not to miss out on any food. We got Toddy and Eric back inside using cat nip drops, however Misty was still out there....somewhere.

Debbie heard meowing coming from the other side of the fence, we could see through the gap that it was Misty but he obviously couldn't get back over. I got some cat nip drops in my hand and stood on a brick so I could see over the fence. The silly bugger was sat at the bottom of the fence looking straight up and meowing away, looking around, all he had to do was jump onto the foot high wall next to the fence and then on to the fence.

I offered some words of encouragement, "What are yer doing, yer big girls blouse!", "come on yer soft tart, jump on the wall". It seemed to work, along with the cat nip, he finally spotted the wall and made it on to fence to be rescued. Of all the cats we didn't think Misty would come unstuck, maybe he's just too lazy or too heavy or both lol.

Here's a few snaps we managed to get of the cats over the weekend, unfortunately most of the others were blurred probably due to zooming with the mobiles.


Eric looking at something in the sky through the kitchen window.


Toddy waiting patiently to be let outside for an afternoon of exploring.


Eric making his first tentative steps into the outside world. We'll get loads more pictures soon of the three Amigos at large in the garden, but with the proper cameras!


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