Tuesday, August 16, 2005

One Branch Leads To Another

The plan was to get one of the wardrobes built last night but as is usually the case, after a long day at work, we sacked the idea. We let the cats out after tea which we were a little apprehensive about after Toddy going awol for two hours on Friday, only to turn up with two other cats ..... tart lol. They were fine though and all came running when we shook the biscuit box, apart from Misty that is. He was next door again and while he did actually manage to get on the fence this time, he was wobbling all over the place and wouldn't jump down so I had to rescue him lmao!


Wandering round the garden, I got the sudden urge to start hacking so out came the secateurs and the hacksaw. We both had a couple of hours stripping the tree and the surrounding bushes and made a lovely pile of rubbish in the middle of the garden lol.


There is still a whole lot of tree to come down, Dad is coming on Sunday to help us finish the job off. The branches we but down last week are drying out nicely next to the green house, we'll be investing in one of those wheel barrows where the tub comes off to load in the car, then we can get all the leaves and branches down to the recycling site.


I'd better not have too much to drink on Saturday night, I've got to climb up inside here and get these higher branches down!



Jennyta said...

Would you like to come and do ours when you've finished? :)

性爱 said...

Hey maybe you can help me out, I'm looking for hits.
Any ideas?

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