Thursday, July 28, 2005

Crunchie Eve!

We've never looked forward to crunchie day so much lol. Our solicitors have been shown the error of their ways and we're green for go tomorrow!

The mail redirection is in place and we've started the process of changing addresses which looks like it's going to take months to complete lol. We've ordered a new telephone number but unfortunately broadband won't be ready for another week so we'll not be able to post any pictures over the weekend, however, I should be able to post some (tons) of photos on Monday.

There are so many things we're looking forward to, living in our new dream cottage, here's just a few of them....

Eating at a proper dining table in a proper dining room.
Having Misty, Toddy and Eric wandering freely for the first time and having a lot less cat hair to contend with!
Having Lucy and especially Lolly racing round the garden tiring themselves out.
Enjoying the garden, photographing flowers and butterflies through the rest of the summer.
Setting up a multitude of wild bird feeders and hopefully being able watch an array of birds come and go.
Having enough room to invite people round for barbecues or for dinner.

We've also got a few projects already lined up....

Fitting a cat flap to one of the two garden sheds and equiping it out with goodies for the cats.
Cutting down a rather large tree and leaving the stump for a bird table.
Replacing the main pebbled parts of the garden with flags.
Building a raised fish pond and filling it with koi carp.
Doing something with the enormous greenhouse, not sure what yet though.

That lot should keep us going for a while lol. The countdown is on . . . . see you on the other side!



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