Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Time To Sign

Our plans to sit back and enjoy Live 8 on Saturday were somewhat dashed by receiving a letter from our solicitor with another 18 questions that needed a reply despite being told on Friday that they didn't need anything else! I went in on Monday to sort it out and also find out why they didn't know about this on Friday given that our buyers are using the same solicitor!

Anyway, we're going in to see our solicitor tomorrow to sign contracts! We're getting a little nervous about it now, we're pretty sure we'll be able to move on the day we want next week but until we've exchanged contracts we won't know for sure, we just hope our buyers get their contract signed this week too.

The packing is going well, there's still loads to do but I'll be off work next week to get the rest of that done plus get all the rubbish down to the tip. Debbie has got Thursday and Friday off work and by that time, we'll be surrounded by cardboard boxes and not much else!


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Hope all goes well for you!
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