Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Roasted Alive!

I‘m off work now for the rest of the week to get all the packing done so we’re ready to move in a couple of weeks time. I could do without a chuffin heat wave while I’m trying to get all this done, this morning it was already like an oven in the attic bedroom and there was no way I could carry on after about 11am.

I have got quite a bit done though and should have the room cleared tomorrow before the sun forces me back down stairs again. With it being too hot to do any work I had the great idea of taking the car to the car wash which I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. It wasn’t until I had to shut the windows and the sun roof that I realised this was a bloody stupid idea! If I’d taken a frozen chicken in with me, it would have been cooked by the time I escaped from the furnace!

It’s currently 34.4 Celsius in the back garden and that’s in the shade, if I put the thermometer in the sun I’m sure it would melt! The cats and dogs are crashed out all over the place, I’ve hardly seen Misty all day, give it another hour and he’ll still be darting into the kitchen as soon as I stand up thinking it’s tea time.

Debbie’s still at work today and tomorrow, luckily she’s got air conditioning at work but her car hasn’t and neither does it have a sun roof so it’s going to be unbearable on the journey back home today. I’ve got the freezer loaded with ice ready for a few Bacardi and Cokes when she gets home!


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Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

It's hot here too. Stay cool!
Jennifer | 07.12.05 - 4:10 pm | #

Aaah! You are so thoughtful!
Jennytc | 07.12.05 - 8:34 pm | #

35C here in Toronto...and the humidity is killer!
JustSue | 07.12.05 - 10:10 pm | #

Now! It must be freaking damn hot over there. It's hot too here in my country (singapore) but I suppose not as hot as your states. I guess it's kind of more sunnier then hot. Anyway, stay cool dude. A cool lemonade might sooth the heatiness. Iced!
Bloghead | 07.13.05 - 10:13 am | #