Thursday, July 21, 2005


The latest on the house move is that our buyers contracts turned up yesterday but now we have to wait while their cheque for the deposit clears before the solicitors will exchange. That's going to make it pretty tight with a moving date of next Friday so our vendor is going to get her solicitor to see if he can get them to exchange this week, neither of us believe they need to wait for the cheque to be cleared.

Anyway, enough of all this doom and gloom, here are some pictures from our day out at Scarborough last Friday....


Scarborough's North Bay, we were surprised to find that dogs are allowed on the beach there, but only the half of the beach where you have to wait for the tide to go out. Luckily we timed it perfectly as the tide was just on it's way out when we got there.


The pleasure cruiser passed by every now and then, it was a long way out, probably enjoying the sunshine which always seemed to be a mile off shore lol.


Lolly had a great time racing around the beach all day with his new ball, unfortunately we ended up leaving it behind so we'll have to get him a new one for next time.


We just about managed to coax Lolly and Lucy into the water, I think an inch of water is about Lucy's limit, Lolly was a little more daring, going in to almost two inches deep lol.

When we do finally get into our new house, we're going to get them a paddling pool so they can get used to being in the water and it'll keep them both cool on these long hot sunny days, then we can tell friends that we spend the afternoons drinking cocktails by the pool lol.



Chrissy said...

Your "babies" look soooo cute especially Lolly.

Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

Very nice. The Scarborough here is all pavement bulidings and smog. ahaha
Jennifer | 07.23.05 - 6:25 pm | #

Hope you get the contracts exchanged in time - Cant rush solictitors can you ? they are a pain.

Nice pics
Sarah | 07.24.05 - 2:46 pm | #

I can't get over how big Lolly is getting! What a cutie!

Fingers crossed for you both over the house this week.
JustSue | 07.25.05 - 10:06 am | #

Aint he just a cutie and just as talk about loadsa energy, he would give Duracell a run for their

Buttercup | 07.25.05 - 7:00 pm | #