Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Too Hot For Birding!

This morning Eric decided to climb on top of the boxes that we’ve been assembling in the living room ready for the move.


He kept meowing away, obviously not impressed with something, he must have been trying to catch a fly or something

I got more packing done before the heat got too bad but even at 8.30am, I still had a towel round my neck for wiping the sweat away every 10 seconds. There’s not much more to do up there, all the bulky stuff is gone, just a few more boxes to do and we’re done.

This afternoon I’ve been down to RSPB Old Moor, only an idot would go wandering round a bird reserve just after midday with the sun beating down! Still, there was loads to see, butterflies were everywhere but the little buggers wouldn’t stay still long enough to take a photo.

The best shot of the afternoon and worth wilting in the heat was this Tree Sparrow.


Old Moor has lots of nesting Tree Sparrows and there were loads hanging round the nest boxes that lined the path.

Debbie will be back soon so I’ve got to dash and get some tea on the go as well as find out what our solicitors are up to today.



Mandy said...

Our cat loves doing that too. We only have to shout 'BUGS' and she runs around the room looking at the ceiling lol

I love the sparrow photograph, not sure if you've head of a website called I'm only an amateur photographer but you can post your pics and people leave comments etc.

By the way, I've moved blogs. My old one was MandyPlanet, could you please update your link to 'A penny for them...' and the URL is

Thank you!

Snowbabies said...

Copied from Haloscan:

Oh yes, or it could be a shadow of something, Im talking about your cat, my cat does that once in awhile too. Usually it is a fly or a small spider. When my cat does that now, I check it out, most times she'll meow at it and keep meowing, I investigate and kill the critter, show it to her, and flush it down the toilet, I grab her and thank her, sometimes I give her a treat, she is protecting the enviroment, wonderful
dreamstate | 07.13.05 - 8:25 pm | #

I bet you are both packing boxes thinking "never again" after all the drama that has gone into the purchase of this new house.

I can still recall my ex declaring "the only way I am ever moving again is feet first in a pine box!"


Good luck to you both!
JustSue | 07.17.05 - 1:00 am | #

He's conducting an orchestra silly.
Valkyrie | 07.18.05 - 9:08 am | #