Friday, July 08, 2005

Nail Biting Time

We went in to see our solicitor yesterday to sign the contracts so now both our vendor and ourselves are green for go . . . . . except that our buyers appear to have gone AWOL! Our solicitor, who is also theirs, well the same company anyway, last heard from them on Monday and they were supposed to be calling back to arrange a time to come in and sign but they've not been heard from since and neither they or their estate agents can get hold of them.

With everything set up now for a move next Friday, it's going to be an absolute nightmare if they can't get their contract signed today. Our new sofa is due to be delivered a week tomorrow to the new house, if we haven't moved, it will have to be delivered here and our exiting leather sweet that we've promised to leave them will have to go to the tip to make room.

Our buyers are due to be visiting us tomorrow to measure up for curtains, we're just hoping and praying that they're back in town today and can get in to see the solicitor.


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