Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Dusting Of Snow

We did our shopping at Tescos last night for the first time in ages and ended up spending more that we we're planning to ..lol.. It was my fault for spotting a freeview box, we've had nothing but trouble from the Nokia one we have at the moment which we paid about £130 for, so after hovering for 5 minutes deciding whether to get a new one, I went for it and shoved it in the trolley and at £45, a bit more of a bargain than the old one. Debbie got 2 new CD's for the car, Scissor Sisters and a new classical album for chilling out in the busy Sheffield traffic.

Getting back home, I set it up the new Echostar T101 freeview box and I must say, it's a vast improvement on the old box, it's going to be cool being able to watch telly without it freezing twice nightly. We checked the weather sites for a while with reports of snow coming in from places further north but no sign of the white stuff arriving here.

This morning, we awoke to a dusting of snow and just as we set off to work, it started snowing again. I took a couple of pictures on the way to work and Debbie took one here mobile but it was still a bit early and they're all a bit on the dark side, however, I did manage to get some pictures from my window on the weather when it started snowing again. We've got bright blue skies again now, hopefully we'll have a few more snow showers through the day.


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