Monday, January 10, 2005


We've had a great weekend, a bit on the wed and windy side but still good fun. On Friday night we went out for a meal with friends and just about managed not to get blown off the M1 motorway on the way home, it was certainly the worst wind I've ever driven in before.

On Saturday, with no desire to do anything at all, we just stayed indoors while the wind howled away outside. With the weather being a little better on Sunday, we ventured outside and went to get myself a new camera, the same as Debbie's new one, Konica Dimage Z2, because it's so easy to use, does great piccies and has 10 x optical zoom which is going to be ace at Knowsley Safari Park.

To test out the new cameras we took Lucy along to a new spot we've found, it's just off the A628 Woodhead road on the Longendale trail next to the houses near the reservoir. We parked up at the bottom and walked alongside streams running down from the hills, it's lovely down there with loads of waterfalls all the way along. I did quite well and only ended up on my backside three times after slipping on slippery stones.

Feeling peckish, we went over Holme Moss and dropped down into Holmfirth for fish and chips, we didn't go in Sid's Cafe but another one along the waterfront, they still had photos of Compo, Clegg and Nora Batty on the wall though

Getting home we chilled out, watching the second instalment of Sea Of Souls which is a little bit like the early X-Files before it got stupid and was gripping right to the very end.


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