Monday, January 31, 2005

Joining The RSPB

On Saturday we went off to Hillsborough in Sheffield to do the shopping for a change, mainly because that's where the new SR Gents factory clothes shop is We had one of the best hot pork butties we've ever had from the little shop in the barracks.

After chilling out in the afternoon, we went out in the evening for a meal with friends, it wasn't as we'd planned it, there were supposed to be six of us but two our friends phoned at the last minute to say they couldn't make it. When we got to the pub, we waited for half an hour before phoning our other two friends and they hadn't even set off. We ended up having to go elsewhere and really didn't enjoy the evening at all.

We were up with the sun on Sunday morning and in a stroke of madness, decided to got to Meadowhall. We walked in, had five minutes and walked out again, I think we'll stick to going in the evening when it's much quieter

From there we drove to a lay by at the side of the RSPB Old Moor, we've not been there for ages having both been members before the RSPB took it over. I was still with the RSPB so we popped in to see how we could get a joint membership and it was as easy as pie and cheap as chips. Now we're both members we're free to visit any RSPB centre in the country and are looking forward to visiting Bempton Cliffs to see the puffins.


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