Monday, January 24, 2005

Dodgy Chicken

We've had another very busy weekend, Friday we went over to see friends in Sheffield and had a great time, having a Chinese which was washed down nicely with wine and beer.

On Saturday we were up bright and early for a spot of shopping and also managed to get a few pictures of the frozen landscape on the way home. Debbie went to get her hair cut, she's been dying to have it cut off for months but needed to keep it long for the wedding. I wasn't sure about it but when she got back, she looked absolutely gorgeous :-)

In the afternoon we went over to see my Grandma for the first time since she came out of hospital, she seems to be in good spirits and is getting about ok the operation on her hip. Leaving there we called in at Crystal Peaks where we got another photography magazine which came with a cool little booklet with all sorts of advice on taking and editing photographs.

Later on Debbie started on the Bacardi n' Coke while I got going on white wine and in the morning, we both felt absolutely shocking! We had bacon butties for breakfast followed by some chicken wraps mid morning but I don't think they were very good because we both felt worse and Debbie later fetched hers back up. I managed to keep the food down but didn't feel any better until I had a couple of bottles of beer early evening.

We watched through the window during the night for any sign of snow but nothing came, all we got were a few snow grains this morning, never mind, maybe we'll get some snow later...


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