Friday, January 21, 2005

Sticky Brakes

I had a bit of a worry yesterday with my little car, the hand brake seemed to be sticking while driving along so I popped it down to Kwik Fit to have it looked over. They couldn't find anything wrong which was a relief but they cleaned everything up and now my little car is whizzing along just like new and what's more, they didn't charge a penny :-)

Back at the ranch last night, we opted to shut up shop downstairs early and go and watch telly in bed for a change. It's great now we've got the old freeview box upstairs, there's loads more channels showing rubbish to choose from. After Eastenders we just ended up reading again, Debbie got a bit further into her novel and I could her a chuckle every now and then when she got to a funny bit and a ooooolala when she got to a naughty bit I just carried on with my photography book, learning new tricks like how to level a photo when you took one while pissed out of your tree and every building looks like the leaning tower of Pisa.

The wind is still blowing this morning but it's not as bad as yesterday which is just as well as it's bin day today and I don't fancy fetching them back from the next village when I get home from work. It's crunchie day at last and we've got another busy weekend coming up and with any luck we'll have loads of new photos by Sunday evening and if the weather behaves, maybe a few flakes of snow :-)


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