Thursday, January 13, 2005

Shameless Advertising

We signed up for a variant on Blog Exchange yesterday called Blog Clicker, it works just the same and certainly seems to be increasing the hits. While I guess that many whizz by during a frenzied click-a-thon, some people do leave a comment, link to us or both before clicking on by which always brightens our day.

Anyway last night, after I managed to prize Debbie off the computer, going for just one more click for about ten minutes, we went upstairs to watch The Others. We've seen it before but it's a fantastic film, very simple, not really any special effects but keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through to the best twist I've ever seen at the end of a film.

We also got a phone call from the photographer last night, our wedding album is ready! We'll be off to pick it up soon and can't wait to see the photos now they've been touched up a little to correct the colours and background etc.



CrackerSnacker said...

Dont forget to grab your wedding photos I remember a story about 6months back where a couple forgot about their photos for 20 or 30 years...called the place and they still had them :) usually they get thrown out after a couple weeks and they even got them at 1/2 price :)
sorry i have no links to the story ..well maybe I do but Im going to bed soon, remember when using blog clicker the slot machine is a chance to win more credits...I kept closing the window thinking it was a site that broke the navigation bar OY!

Anonymous said...

Came from BlogExplosion and just stopping to say Hi. Nice Blog!