Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I think we're both coming down with a flu/sickness bug that's doing the rounds here at the moment, so last night, rather than have our soup for tea in line with our diet, we opted for a therapeutic visit to McDonalds instead.

I did start working on the new photo album for the wedding and honeymoon pictures last night and quickly realised why we've not been adding pictures in there as often as we should be doing... it's a right royal pain in the butt!

First selecting all the pictures we want to put in, then narrow them down, then renaming them all from dsc dah dee dah, open and save them again in paint (reduces the file size) and finally load them into the album. Suffice to say, with over 200 photos to work through, we've not got to the loading stage yet, hopefully we'll at least get the wedding ones loaded tonight.

This morning was weigh day and Debbie's doing rather well, only putting on 2 pounds over Christmas and she's lost more than that over this week, I however, put on considerably more but I'm heading in the right direction again now the beer intake is subsiding.



Mick in the UK said...

If you use windows XP their free powertools let you batch re-name, and re-size your pics.
I'm not using XP now but the tools were very useful.

Chrissy said...

Last night I weighed in also. I joined Weight Watchers and just finished my first week. Didn't do too bad. Lost 3.8. Hopefully, I will continue to do so. I have got to stay away from fast foods.