Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tea With No Name

Last night we were supposed to be having soup as part of our diet but with us still a little bit weak after feeling unwell on Sunday we opted for something different. I'm quite good at pulling things our of the fridge or freezer at random and knocking something together that more often than not tastes an awful lot better than it looks.

Yesterdays feast consisted of fresh Chinese rice that we bought on Sunday with mini sausages, chip shop curry and a dash of chicken gravy mix. It did actually look quite good but tasted even better and I can't understand why sausage curry isn't our national dish! Maybe I should mention it to the Chinese takeaway next door and then might be become known locally as a number eighty four.

We gave up looking out of the window last night, it's still cold here but not really cold enough to snow and this morning it's spitting with rain so it looks like we've missed out this time around but I'm sure there will be another cold blast on the way soon.

I seem to remember when I was a kid, that people used to say that if America had bad snow, we would get it here shortly afterwards and it did seem to work out that way back then but will the old saying still come true now?


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