Monday, January 17, 2005

Birthday Shopping

The kitchen went by the wayside this weekend, I got as far as discussing how to do it with my Dad on Saturday morning but with us both still feeling under the weather we decided to leave it for a few days while we got our strength back. Instead, Debbie got our second wedding album done using other pictures that we have and I got the photos loaded on our photo page.

On Sunday, we we're up with the sunshine and headed off to Meadowhall for brunch at McDonalds, we weren't'missing out on two Big Macs for the price of one Debbie got me two photography books for my Birthday on Wednesday then we went looking for Adobe Photoshop Elements which we figured would be the best package for us, so we left Meadowhall and headed off to Parkgate at Rotherham.

They had it in PC World at £70 which seems to be the going price so we took it to the till and then had to wait for ages while the bafoon there tried to get hold of the manager to authorise a chip and pin with no pin. They got that sorted then the manager disappeared and the next person in front of us produces his chip and pin card but doesn't know his pin, so it's off to find the manager again! Meanwhile everyone behind us had sneaked off to another till that had just opened behind us, disgusted, we just left the software on the till and walked out.

They did us a favour really because we got it from Comet across the road, £20 cheaper! Next mission was to find a new computer desk and a comfy chair, we looked all over and couldn't find one right for us, the very last stop was PC World in Barnsley and we weren't holding out much hope following the farce in their Rotherham branch. To our surprise, we found just what we wanted and a very helpful chap got us a couple of trolleys then rushed us through the till.

We spent the rest of the afternoon putting the desk and chair together and finally got everything sorted, new software loaded and a couple of drinks on the go. We've had a quick dabble with Elements and it looks just the ticket for us, all we've got to do now is read the manual, not really our strong point that one


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Tash said...

Another interesting read! Have just linked to your Yorkshire Snowman site and then found this one too. I had to smile at the bit about McDonalds. Hubby and I haven't been for years but, like you, were drawn in by the BOGOF Big Macs on Sunday!