Thursday, January 20, 2005

Birthday Shopping

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday :-)

Last night to celebrate, we went off to Meadowhall, not everyone's choice for a birthday night out, but we were thinking about changing our mobile phones so decided to go and have a look at the options. Before trawling the mobile shops we had a curry in the Oasis which lovely, washed down by a nice cold cup of fanta.

One of the reasons for wanting to change our mobiles is that Debbie's phone keeps freezing, forcing her to take the battery and sim cards out for a few minutes. The other reason is that we're not that keen on them, however, our monthly contract isn't up until the end of this year so if we were to change, we would have to pay for the full cost of the new phones. We enquired first about having Debbie's phone fixed and that would be done free of charge as it's still under warranty. So we walked round and round weighing up the options while looking at other phones and eventually came to the conclusion that we're still not sure what to do

Back home, we chilled out with a few beers and while Debbie got stuck into her new book while I tried out a few of the tricks in Photoshop Elements. I got a picture of a tiger that Debbie took at Knowsley Safari Park last year and set about removing the wire mesh from the photo. It's a painstaking job but I got all the head done and the results we're surprisingly good for a first attempt.


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