Tuesday, January 11, 2005

R.I.P. Hotmail

We've been having problems with hotmail recently, we used to access the account through Incredimail and it's suddenly stopped sending messages, although messages were still coming in. There was no error so we weren't aware of the problem for a week, then I read somewhere that accessing hotmail through an external email client was now limited to those daft enough to pay for the premium service. So, after six years with the same hotmail account, it's time to say bye bye.

We're now just using our three gmail accounts through Thunderbird, which is the email client from the same team that brought us Firefox. It is a bit fiddly to set up access to gmail accounts but the help on the gmail site is first class and guides you through every step.

We had an email from my Auntie last night, she had sent us some photos of the wedding last week but thanks to hotmail we lost them, but now we have them back again safe and sound. My Auntie has also posted some of the pictures on her own website here which we're chuffed to bits with.

We're going to load all the pictures we have so far into our photo album tonight and update our original website which we haven't touched for about eight months.



Valkyrie said...

Hey hey! I never had a chance to say congratulations on the wedding!! I wish you guys every happiness! It's weird being married eh? Even though you've lived together (like my hubby and I did) before you got married - things still feel different. Nicer,but still different.

J-Birds said...

We tried to use Outlook Express to check our four email accounts a couple of months ago and error messages came up for two of the accounts that told us the same thing you mentioned. Hotmail was not supporting POP3 accounts in its free version.

Since then it started working again. Maybe Hotmail received enough hate mail to change their minds. Best wishes. - Craig