Friday, October 27, 2006

Feed The Birds Day

This weekend we've been out in the garden and got loads more done. We've moved all the rose bushes that were growing in the lawn up to their own rose bed in front of one of the sheds. This has made it much easier to mow the lawn, not having to slalom round all the bushes and spending ages strimming while trying not to take out the roses at the same time. The rockery has gone which was also in the lawn, we won't be getting that awfull grinding noise from the lawnmower any more! After the mowing, Debbie did some weeding in the flower beds and I've got the roots from one of the old trees dug out.


All that remains to be sorted out before winter sets in is the pile of tree branches at the top of the garden. Our neighbour has lent us a metal bin to burn them in, however, for two nights runnning we had nothing but rain so we've not been able to make a start on that yet. It looks like for the first time ever we'll be having a bonfire on Bonfire Night, we're even tempted to go out and get a few fireworks!


Saturday 28th October is Feed The Birds Day, organized by the RSPB. I'm really going to give the bird feeding go this year, we do already feed the birds but all we ever seem to attrract are starlings and that's only if we put those fruity suet sqaures out, the peanunts and sunflower seeds are never touched.

While working in the garden I moved the bird table a couple of metres away from the fence because I think the smaller birds may feel threatened being so close to somewhere cats could easily get to. We picked up a couplpe of new bird feeders on Sunday which we've filled with peanuts, black sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts. I'm also on the lookout for a bigger bird table, the one we've got is a little bit on the small side and it's does look a little bit cramped with all those feeders hanging from it.


Today we’re finally having the roof sorted out, from tonight onwards, it can rain all it wants!


Lucy is just chilling out on the sofa waiting for the roofer to arrive.


I couldn’t resist popping my head out of the door with the camera to catch the gorgeous sunrise this morning.



Jennyta said...

What a beautiful sky. Not a good sign in the morning though - red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning. You've probably got rain now, just like us. :(

JustSue said...

Gorgeous sunrise!

I haven't had a bird feeder in years, perhaps this year I will get one...and then post all the photos of the squirrels stealing the goodies! lol

dex said...

What a fantastic blog! Let`s hope the `Feed the Birds Day` will help make more people aware of the plight of some of the birds so we can help them through the winter months.

Jennyta said...

I'm afraid we would have the same trouble with squirrels, Sue, but I might give it a try anyway.

Tony said...

love the sky pic... and you have reminded us to put out the fat balls... though we to have trouble with those little grey fellows