Friday, October 06, 2006

Google Everything

Google seems to be on a bit of a surge towards world domination at the moment, in the last couple of days I've become more and more Googlyfied.

The new Google Reader is a superb feed reader and I love the star option for going back to interesting items. Another cool facility is the sharing thing, you can mark items as shared and they appear on their own web page, although I'm not exactly sure what I'd use it for lol.

Another funky new tool is Google Notebook, I've not really used this yet, it seems that after downloading the browser plug-in, you can right click on anything on the web and save it to your on-line notebook along with a link to the page you nicked it from.

So now, instead of being tidy and un-fussy, our Google home page is now sporting Google Gadgets for Google Reader, Google Notebook, Google Groups, and Google Mail. If you scroll down about half a mile, there's even a search box!



JustSue said...

Hmmmm looks live you've made the switch to What do you think of it? Give us the low down!

Paul & Debbie said...

We didn't find it that difficult, just need to remember to save the source for the old page so you can cut and paste bit back into the new one.