Friday, October 20, 2006

Cleaning Is Bad For Your Health!

With the problems with the roof over the last month or so some water has made it's way into the bathroom and created a couple of patches that need cleaning on the ceiling. With that and the shower looking like it could do with a good once over, out came the bleach to get everything looking shiny and new. We've used the same stuff before but for some reason last night, the fumes were unbelievable, they were everywhere and even when we had every window in the house open, we could still smell the stuff, even outside!

By bed time, I was feeling worse for wear and Debbie wasn't feeling too clever either, I think we just inhaled too much of the stuff and if anything it was worse downstairs than it was upstairs. Once we got upstairs and shut the bathroom door it wasn't too bad, but the headaches and feeling light headed continued into the night. It was quite scary, you hear about people being overcome by fumes and not waking up, but we're still here to tell the tale and next time we'll use a bottle of shower cleaner!


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christine said...

at least it didn't cost you 28,000