Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Difficult Decision

We came to a very difficult decision last weekend; to find a new home for the Three Amigos; Misty, Toddy and Eric.

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Over the last few months as nights have drawn in and they've not been able to stay out as late or go our at all, all three of them have started taking their frustration out on each other. It came to the point where we were almost constantly pulling Toddy of Eric, he just wouldn't leave him alone. Often in the mornings we were greeted by a pile of ginger cat hair with Misty having gone for Toddy in the night.

With the problems getting worse day by day and the fact that we just can't be there for them as much as we would like so they can go out more often, we decided that we should seek to have them re-homed.

We said goodbye to Misty, Toddy and Eric for the last time on Sunday before returning to a very empty home. Even now, when coming back in the house with Lucy, just for a second, I guard the door thinking the Three Amigos will be waiting...


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JustSue said...

I've had to find new homes for 2 pets over the years. Each time it was a gutwrenching sobfest. Hugs to you both at this sad time.