Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Debbie's gone sailing past the 3 stone mark and the weight still keeps on tumbling! The dramatic change over the last 4 months has been amazing and I think she's finally starting to believe me when I say she's looking absolutely fabulous!

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JustSue said...

OK...serious here guys...what diet are you doing or following? For health reasons I seriously need to lose some major weight myself. Any tips?? The results you've gotten are fantastic..well done Debbie! High protein? Low fat? Low carb? High fibre?

By the for Paul...we had our first snow flurries today.

natty68 said...

Wow, well done Debbie. You are looking great. Keep up the good work.


Jennifer said...

Well I certainly hope she belives you because she sure does look fantastic!! Losing weight is one of the hardest battles ever. And she's doing a great job.

Oh, and I LOVE that skirt! :)
Debbie... Keep up the good work girl :)

Snowbabies said...

Hi Sue

We are not on a diet, its called change of life, diets last a few months and this one will last a life time, cause Im under the hospital for PCOS and this can lead to diabetics and other things, the docs watch me like a hawk!!

I have to take a tablet everyday to surpresses my hunger, but they say its cause Im so commited to being a new person that the weight is falling off, also we have change what we eat and also the way we eat.

we now have a very healthy diet with hardly any fats in it, we check every label on the food that we buy. a few tips.....

1) eat food with less than 4 grams of fat per 100 grams ( this is all the fats not just the saturated)
2) eat food with less than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams.
3) eat lots of fresh salad and veg.

Debbie :-)

Barb said...

That's awesome! Congratulations! I don't know what "stone" is--the American thing, you know--but I know it means you've lost weight. You look great!