Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Slow Cooking For Tonight

Tonight's tea is looking rather tasty, it'll be simmering away all day ready for when we get home.

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Tossed in the pot this morning were...

Casserole veg selection
Diced carrot & swede
Casserole sauce mix
Aduki beans
Pinto beans
Mung beans
Mixed country soup pulses
Pork loin



JustSue said...

Lotta beans there...very high fibre, and I am sure very tasty - just sit over by the window when you're done though, eh? ;-)

Haven't a clue what an Aduki bean or a Mung bean is when it's at home though.

JustSue said...

OK, you've inspired me....chili-con-carne a la slowcooker for tea tonight!