Thursday, October 05, 2006

Is New Blogger Beta Than The Old One?

I've been noticing the option to upgrade to Blogger Beta for a while now and so decided to search for some blogs that have taken the plunge. Hearing about all these new templates and great new features, I was quite looking forward to seeing a bunch dazzling blogs thrown up by the new Google Blog Search.

Is it just me, or has every single person that's upgraded, picked an old style template? I've not seen one single blog so far that looks any different than before. Maybe the new templates look worse than the old ones or possibly it's because those that have spent time customising their blogs over the years dare not upgrade through fear of it all going Pete Tong?

We're holding off here for the time being, whatever you think about the design of our blog, we've spent a lot of time making it look the way it does and we'd like to see a couple of blogs that have upgraded to Blogger Beta, survived and actually look better before we press the button.



Anonymous said...

Wise decision. Have a look at mine if you want to see what happens. Disaster! Bring back my old template. Truth is, Blogger only offers OLD templates to switch to. I could finad hardly anything that was new. Or am I blind?
Felt it was a bit of a cheek - and probably something to do with linking blogs to google accounts so they can track us better!
Ah well, mustn't get paranoid just because my template's in tatters!
It is more user friendly though. Publishes immediately and you can easily add your links (once you find them - thank goodness I had another blog with the old links on).

JustSue said...

Well after dropping by Pic's page I think I will hold off now for a few before taking the Beta blogger plunge. Call me chicken.

Tony said...

I'm holding off for many of the same reasons, some of the beta sites do have problems, but it is beta rather than full release. Bit like the new upgrade to picasa, that still has problems not least you cant publish succesfully to blogger...


Cheryl said...

I used the Beta version to create a blog for my humane association's event. Even though the look is old, the features are great and SUPER easy to use, especially for the untutored on HTML. I especially had trouble with that, when I first started my own blog several years ago. So far, I like it!

Jennyta said...

I upgraded and have had few problems but haven't yet had time to start messing about with the template. I am having problems since I changed my profile photo though - it has disappeared.